Clean Up Emission Calls The Maritime Industry To Think Again About Waste

It is a very well-known fact that the planet that we are living on has limited natural resources and that our activities of living on this planet have started to endanger the environment more and more. To stop this ever-growing trend, we will have to change our actions and think of the consequences of the activities that we do. One of the most endangered resources on the planet, which is crucial for our survival is fresh water, but it is also damaging to pollute the oceans and seas as well. This is precisely why the International Maritime Organization’s environment is meeting on an annual basis trying to figure out a new and updated global plan for reducing emissions levels.

It is almost certain that without a clean-up there could be a fifth of carbon emissions solely due to shipping by the year 2050. It is also certain that container ships use up to as much as 3500 times more sulfur than car diesel, which is notoriously damaging the environment. The international shipping is actually to blame for the 90% of the world trade, but there has been no regulation of carbon emissions for this industry. It is despite many protocols that the emissions continue in global shipping and act as a global phenomenon. It is also proposed that we all make a 50% emission cut in the carbon emissions to save Pacific Island nations which are most threatened by rising sea levels.

This topic is also important for the Marine Environment Protection Committee that will be putting a proposal for emissions to be reduced even to 70% or 100% in the time for this not to happen. However, what is preventing this resolution is the fact that many countries that depend on the income of shipping are still not prepared for these actions because it would also mean that their economies would suffer damage from these measures. However, the economic stability of one country could not even begin to compare with the safety of the health of the entire planet and the world, which is why we must react immediately and make some drastic changes.