Desalinators See Global Installations

UK-based company Cathelco has reported that its desalination system has proven popular within the maritime industry following worldwide installations across a variety of ship types. First of all, we need to think about the ship type and find out more about the certain ship type before we decide whether it is a ship type that should be installed with a desalinator. Learning more about desalinators is crucial in maritime technologies and industries which is why this makes sense to all those who are related to this industry.

The desalinization system has a wide portfolio of installations to date.  For instance, installations were undertaken on a containership and an ocean transport ship for the U.S Navy, providing up to 35 tones of freshwater per day for domestic uses.A wind turbine service vessel for Danish shipping company Esvagt and oil & chemical tankers from Reederei Nord B.V have also successfully operated using Cathelco’sdesalinators.Desalinators are important on all ships, but even more so in large vessels which are traveling across large bodies of water. Desalinators will provide the much-needed safety of water which will make large-scale improvements on the quality of life on the vessel for all those who find themselves there. The supplies of fresh water are key to survival when you are on board.

Cathelco’sdesalinators have also proven successful operation on Cape Class patrol vessels, providing 10 tonnes of fresh water daily as well as to a frigate sail training vessel for Algerian Navy cadets, proving 32 tonnes of fresh water per day across two desalinators.

The Cathelcodesalinators, most of which operate completely automatically, feature water quality sensing and system diagnostics to ensure ease of operability and cost-effectiveness.

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