Shipping And Groundbreaking ThunderBlade

Now shipping in all capacities is the OWC’s groundbreaking thunder blade, but what makes it special is the leading zero emissions thanks to the latest technological achievements and the pioneering of ThunderBlade external drive that is not shipping in four capacities. This first-to-market ThunderBlade is threating to become the preeminent produce in the professional maritime industries.

This product is the cherry on top for OWC that has just celebrated their 30th anniversary and will continue to build their legacy of first-to-market innovation by pushing the edges not just in design but also in technology.

It was also stated by the OWC that they would continue to push the envelope because they believe they are making the step in the right direction and leading for the future. They are also ever thankful to their customers who are allowing them to do what they like and build the products that will prove to be successful technological investments. The latest ThunderBlade is just one of many effectively build products that were made by the OWC, that will show the path for the next 30 years and pave the way to future success. The SoftRAID that developed the platform is the latest seamlessly provided support for both Mac and OS and has all the requirements. The great acclaim in the production of this house has also received world recognition. But they say their large and complex projects get easier over time, and ThunderBlade is a prime example of that.

The capacities of the ThunderBlade are various and go from 1TB to 8TB and the price also ranges, from $1.199.99 to $4.999.00, however, what is most important is the storage and memory which was vastly upgraded in the last decade. The support for both Mac and OS users is bound to give good results, as will the regular memory upgrades.

What is left for us is to look forward to the new products and maritime technologies that will come to us after the ThunderBlade, which are bound to be equally exciting and useful? We are also proud to announce that thanks to the collaboration with the OWC you will be able to find all about it here first as we will be covering all the latest details about maritime industry and technologies that will come to us from the OWC. We are excited to be a part of the new era in the shipping industries!