Could You Hack A Ship?

The maritime industry is not just one that ensures global trade, but also the one which transports approximately 10.3 billion tons across the world. These statistics were globally confirmed in 2016. But the trillion dollar industry seems to be anything but safe from the most dangerous 21st-century threat that can get to all of us – hackers! So how do you hack a ship?

Can Ships Even Be Hacked?

Well, security researchers have been warning us about this trend which was sure to come to the maritime industry as much as it was sure that it would become popular in other areas of life as well. The incredibly valuable cargo is often transported with ships that have a pretty poor process of safety and awareness of the hacks threats might help change this situation for the better. The seaports are often crammed with ships that all suffer from the exactly same problem.

What Do Security Researchers Have To Say?

Security researchers have been warning that this will happen for years. It was also stated that in 2015 one of the most famous anti-virus programs Kaspersky Labs has claimed that shipping was not a difficult task for any hacker with some experience. They went on to say that shipping was considered to be “easy meat” for hackers. Also, the cyber security in shipping is just as endangered around the world that the authorities are not struggling with this problem around the world.

Switching Navigation Systems

It has also been suggested by the maritime security company CyberKeel that ships should change their navigation systems so that pirates should not be able to know when they operate their ships or fake the data. There are so many places in which the security systems of ships are endangered that a daring scheme of criminals could make serious problems with the security of the ships. Taking care of the security issues beforehand could help solve many of these problems, but only if it is first recognized as an international problem and treated as such that it can be resolved.