Types Of Pneumatics Used In Air Force

As the air force industry develops, aircraft engineers experiment with various modern systems and engineering solutions, especially solutions providing alternative fueling for modern air force. Air force pneumatics and hydraulics are being widely utilized as the replacement for traditionally fueled systems, since using liquids for power transmitting has several advantages. Both liquid and air are considered to be fluids, although liquids are incompressible and air or gases are highly compressible.

The main trait of pneumatic and hydraulic systems is that these systems use enclosed fluids to create required pressure that will generate required power. These systems are widely used for breaks, numerous emergency operations, various opening and closing operations and within many constructions requiring impulse pressure injecting. Depending on the intensity of required pressure, there are three main systems that are use: high, medium and low – pressure pneumatic systems.

Air force use of high – pressure pneumatic systems

These systems are gradually being abandoned and replaced by other more effective and practical systems, although they still keep some purposes within air force constructions. High – pressure pneumatic system typically includes metal bottles with compressed gas or fluid within it and two valves to control the system.

The pressure values range between 1 and 3 thousand psi providing immediate, rapid and intense power injection when required. Charging valve controls fluid flow between bottle and compressor, while control valve keeps the fluid pressured and captured while the whole system is shut down.

The main disadvantage of these systems is their limitation to short-term operations. They are not suitable for continuous pressure supply, since they can’t be recharged during air flight. That is why high – pressure pneumatics are used for various emergency operations, landing breaks or gear and similar instant procedures.

Air force use of medium – pressure pneumatic systems

A medium – pressure air force pneumatics are based upon so-called bleed air and are used more frequently than previously described systems. They do not include bottled fluid, but the system that draws air or gas from engine’s compressor.

This enables them to provide power generating for more continuous processes, such as engine or wing starting or shutting down. Similarly constructed systems are designed for hydraulics if the airplane is equipped with those.

Air force use of low – pressure pneumatic systems

These pneumatic systems are commonly utilized within modern aircrafting, especially within the airplanes using reciprocating engines. Low – pressure pneumatics use vane-pumps which are powered by electric motors or directly by the engines of the airplane.

High – pressure pneumatic systems

These systems work under relatively low pressure, up to 10 psi and therefore are suitable for powering continuous procedures, such as wings function and many more. Since all the hydraulic and pneumatic systems used in aircraft need to meet extremely high – quality criteria due to the challenging tasks, it is of the greatest importance to purchase these components from reliable, superb provider. For more information and expert’s knowledge on the matter, as well as for purchasing highest quality of aircraft pneumatics, explore the website of the leading UK pneumatic supplier.