Indian Shipping Minister Visit To South Korea

On 9th of April 2018 NitinGadkari, India’s Union Minister of Shipping will be on an official visit to the Republic of Korea (South Korea). The bilateral cooperation between India and Korea, has been increasing, especially in shipping, ports, inland waterways, river linking, and infrastructure sectors. The task of the visit will be to come to terms with mutual recognitions of sea-farers and deal with existing problems as well as prevent any future problems in this area of transportation.

The Republic of Korea has been well-known for its maritime technological advancements, and the partnership with India could not have come to a better point in time. This bilateral cooperation is expected to continue in the future as well, since it began during the Shipping in the Maritime India Summit held in Mumbai during April 2016. The bilateral cooperation is ensuring not just the maritime industry progress but also economical advancements for both of these Asian countries. The visit of Indian minister to Samsung Heavy Industries in Busan Port, which is also the National Transport Information Centre in Seoul, Korea, will also be a chance for financial interaction with institutions and investors.

During his visit to Korea, the Minister of India will also meet the Minister of Ocean and Fisheries and Minister for Land, Infrastructure, and Transport of the Republic of Korea and interact with the captains of the Republic of Korea for trade and industry. This important visit is a part of planning the future of the two countries and making sure that the institutional framework for the understanding and mutual assistance in maritime industries is ensured in the development of ports and port-related industries that will help develop and make maritime industries and shipping industries stronger and more productive.

This visit is just one of many visits that are scheduled for the future, but it is one of the most important sectors for the collaboration of the two countries. The Republic of Korea is looking forward to the collaborations, as is India, but the effects of these collaborations are also to be perceived on the global scale.