Battery Technology That We Have Been Waiting For!

Finally, the battery technology that all of us have been waiting for is here! For Ro-Pax vessels, it is particularly important that they always have sufficient power because it is what ensures their thrusters. But, before we continue with the maritime lingo, let us explain why battery technology is so important that it has everyone hyped about it in the maritime industry.

What’s With The Batteries Trend?

Maritime industry, just like any other industry manages to make lots and lots of money each year. Unfortunately, with the income which is usually a positive thing, goes something bad that we should strive to get rid of and that is the pollution. This trend has been ongoing for years, but very few people are aware of it. In fact, the shipping industry makes twice as many emissions when compared to diesel vehicles, but people do not seem to notice it. What gets our attention, however, is the rise of sea levels, which directly endangers certain places in the world, such as Venice and Pacific Islands, just to name a few. That being said, the emissions of the sulfur and other gasses, together with pollution, endanger our environment making it an unsafe place to live. Still, people have to realize that all of this affects all of us directly. This is the only planet we have and taking care of it is our task and a debt that we owe to the younger generations. This is why battery technology is not just crucial, but essential if we are prepared to make the necessary changes that will ensure our survival on this planet.

Energy Sustainability

It is really important to think of the energy sustainability because in shipping industries this is also what ensures safety on board. The large energy storage systems are capable of supplying power almost instantaneously while it is also certain that energy storage and the cost of batteries also reduce emissions to the air, in fact, this will ensure that all emissions to the air are finally eliminated.

The project that will make sure all of this happens is the system which is designed in such a way that it enables switching on battery power for bow thrusters and it will also be able to switch the power when necessary. The electricity is there to help ensure that the operating distances are reached in the best way that will ensure energy efficiency.

This system is still in development, and it is too early to say, but according to the research, it could be one of the best systems developed for energy efficiency and energy preservation in shipping that was ever invented.